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"Barry & Daisy" is a relationship pairing between Barry and Princess Daisy in Best Friends Whenever. It's shown Barry really likes Daisy, while Daisy has shown that she may have a possible, yet slim attraction to him. Barry confesses his feelings to Daisy and they finally become a couple in Revenge of the Past.


Season 2

Princess Problems

  • Barry saved Daisy by pulling all his friends acting as a chain.
  • Daisy hugs Barry, calling him her "hero", which Barry enjoys and tells others not to ruin his moment.

Derby Little Secret

  • Daisy wants to join Barry's prank war with Naldo.
  • Barry wanted Daisy to make him a knight.
  • Daisy pranked him with his own device. This led Barry to wonder if he should hate her or be in love with her.

It's Not Ye, It's Me

  • Daisy wanted to spend time with Barry to keep her mind off of her betrothal.
  • Daisy kept winning every game Barry did to get all his stuff back, yet she "won" all of Barry's belongings, which she did not want.
  • Barry tried to lose on purpose because he liked having her around.
  • Barry realizes he does really like Daisy.
  • Daisy hugs Barry, which he enjoys again.

The Christmas Curse

  • Barry attempted to spend alone time with Daisy rather than go to the mall.
  • Daisy tells Barry what a big heart he has and kisses him on the cheek, and Barry informally tells Naldo that that was his Christmas wish.

Revenge of the Past

  • Barry and Daisy have their first date. 

Similarities & Differences


  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both are big on honor and are too proud to turn down challenges.


  • Daisy is from the Rennaisance; Barry is from the 21st Century.