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Nobody ever succeeded at anything by giving up. I believe in you, Barry.

Barry and Naldo is the relationship between Barry and Naldo in Best Friends Whenever. They are currently best friends who help each other with science experiments.


Season 1

A Time To Travel

  • They are best friends.
  • Naldo tries to grow chest hair with Barry's laser.
  • Naldo accidentally caused an explosion outside Barry's RV.
  • They still hang out in the alternate future.

A Time To Cheat

  • They both find out about Cyd and Shelby's powers.
  • When Naldo screams after being out of chips, Barry asks Naldo why he is screaming and appears to be worried.
  • Throughout the episode, Naldo helps Barry create time travel.
  • Barry and Naldo hug while zapping themselves with Barry's laser the same way as Cyd and Shelby.
  • Barry agrees to Naldo's suggestion of asking Bret and Chet for help.
  • Naldo was worried when Bret and Chet accidentally burned off Barry's eyebrows with the laser.

A Time to Say Thank You

  • Barry is upset that Naldo feels like he isn't part of his lab.
  • Barry says that with all the digested chemicals and orgasm, his lab is part of Naldo.
  • Throughout the episode, Barry is trying to thank Naldo to prove to him that he is part of the lab.
  • Barry attempts Shelby's "burrito candle" idea on Naldo.
  • They reconcile and agree that what they do makes way more sense before feeding tropical smoothies to Barry's lab rats.

A Time to Jump and Jam

  • Barry and Naldo are seen eating in the school cafeteria at the beginning of the episode, before being joined by Shelby and Cyd.
  • When Barry is doing calculations that are completely irrelevant to Cyd's questions, Naldo appears to agree with Barry.
  • Naldo and Barry compete to see who can build a better rocket.
  • They both agree that Heart Rocket sounds like a great name for a band.
  • Young Naldo picks up young Barry's "analege coconut".
  • Young Barry makes himself look taller so that young Naldo would stop wearing glasses.

The Butterscotch Effect

  • Naldo listens as Barry explains the butterfly effect to Shelby and Cyd.
  • In an alternate timeline, Barry and Naldo (along with Ray, the pizza delivery guy) are in an actual band named Heart Rocket.
  • Shelby and Cyd accidentally prevented them from ever meeting.
  • One of Evil Barry's robots gives Naldo a wedgie.
  • Barry was worried when Naldo screamed after seeing what he thought was a third nipple on his chest, which was actually a slice of pepperoni.

Shake Your Booty (episode)

  • Barry expresses his concerns to Naldo about Shelby and Cyd traveling outside their lifetime.
  • Barry and Naldo started to worry when Shelby and Cyd get lost in time.
  • Barry and Naldo collect some of the girls' tachyons in an attempt to bring them back.

Jump to the Future Lab

  • Barry and Naldo were alone in Barry's lab until Cyd and Shelby barge in to interrogate Barry about the logo.
  • Barry and Naldo go to Globo-Digi-Dyne to warn the girls about the presentation.

Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape

  • Barry and Naldo use the tachyons from Shake Your Booty (episode) to upgrade Barry's laser to allow teleportation.
  • Naldo tries to scare Barry throughout the episode to make him believe in Halloween.

When Shelby Met Cyd

  • They work together to change Shelby and Cyd back to their proper age.

Cyd and Shelby Strike Back

  • Naldo glues himself to Barry's table.
  • Naldo tells Barry that Marci likes him.
  • Naldo was the most supportive of Barry & Marci.
  • In the alternate timeline, Barry and Naldo run into Shelby outside the Marcus' House.
  • Barry and Naldo (and Marci) get kidnapped and tied together by Janet Smythe after stumbling across her lab while she was expirementing on the girls.
  • When Barry and Marci fall for each other again, Naldo says he would give them some privacy if they weren't tied up together, further supporting their relationship.
  • Naldo was touched when Barry and Marci vow never to forget each other just as the alternate timeline is erased.

The Girls of Christmas Past

  • Barry and Naldo (along with Bret and Chet) have a snowball fight.

A Time to Double Date

  • Barry and Naldo try to switch Bret and Chet back after Barry;s laser made them switch bodies.
  • Naldo stops Barry from telling the truth to Shelby's mother after Bret and Chet switched back via static electricity.

Jump to the 50s

  • Naldo helps save Barry's trailer from being sold.
  • Naldo mentions having kissed Barry's sister, Brittany.

Diesel Gets Lost in Time

  • Barry tells Naldo that things are going great between him and Marci after Shelby and Cyd told them that they like each other.
  • Naldo intrudes on Barry and Marci's date.
  • Barry stops Naldo from almost revealing Cyd and Shelby's powers to Marci.


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Similarities & Differences


  • They are both in high school.
  • They go to the same school.
  • They both love science.
  • They are both friends with Shelby & Cyd.
  • They both know that Shelby & Cyd are time travelers.
  • They both have brown hair and green eyes.


  • Barry is really smart; Naldo isn't.
  • Barry is not good with girls; Naldo is very good with them.
  • Naldo likes Spark Dynamo; Barry hates it.
  • Barry thinks with his head; Naldo follows his heart.


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