Hey, I'm Naldo! Check out this cool watch Barry made me!

Season 1

A Time to Travel

If you care about somebody, you don't just give up on them


A Time to Cheat

Welcome to our time!

We're out of chips!

Bring it in, buddy. For Science!

I wouldn't call the last thirty seconds nothing.

A Time to Say Thank You

Is this an experiment or revenge on the country club for kicking us out?

A Time to Jump and Jam

Maybe, you're doing it the wrong way.

A Time to Rob and Slam

Marci, you're just in time.

We're about to watch Spark Dynamo.

Oh, it's the best.

The Butterscotch Effect

I know what it is.

Shake Your Booty (episode)

No, their still here.

Jump to the Future Lab

That happens to me all the time, there must be a better way.

Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape

Where is it?! Where is the fruity cereal?!

When Shelby Met Cyd

The girls were 15, then they were 13, and now their 9. Why is this happening?

Cyd and Shelby Strike Back

Barry, come here.

I think Marci likes you.

Everyone likes those.

But Marci doesn't just like you, she likes you.

Why else would she come over here?

So now I'm just a guy hugging a table?

I told you she likes you.

Barry, I just got off the phone.

Oh I'm not on the phone, the phones on me.

Fast. Ow, but I like my phones ripped off slow!

Anyway, I was talking to Marci and she said she'll be back soon.

And you two can work on your "chemistry".

Yeah there is.

Oh yeah!

Pizza roll.

Good news Barry, I'm not stuck to anything.

Why would you ask that?

I'm just testing my deodorant.

Yup, still not wearing any.

So, looks like you and Marci are really hitting it off.

I don't think so Barry, check this out.

Marci is clearly having a good time, check this out.

Just look at her smile.

I know why, I found what you would call an unexpected result and I would call a what...

Take a look at your face.

Right there, see your eyes? It's twinkling.

In science terms maybe, but this is about the heart.

You like her.

Barry you can't deny the evidence, you got it bad.

It's easy Barry, just go out there and tell her how you feel.

The important thing is to be yourself.

Because I wasn't gonna eat a corn-dog naked.

Come on, put this on.

Sorry Barry, it's my jam.

I didn't know you guys liked each other.

The Girls of Christmas Past

Hey look, Diesel's dressed as Santa.

A Time to Double Date

But Barry, you said we had "better things to do".

I mean I'm shy too.

Jump to the '50's

I know, my arms are shaking.

This stuff is awesome, why haven't you gotten it out before?

Diesel Gets Lost in Time

You know, I feel like I'm lying to Mrs. Marcus when I tell her "nothings" up.

How fun would it be if Marci watch the lunar eclipse with us?

Barry, what do I look like?

Is it a guy who invited Marci?

Cause that's what I am.

Fight the Future - Part 1

Hey Barry.

You can't rush art.

So, did your date go well?

Fight the Future - Part 2

Super weird.

Fight the Future - Part 3

Me too, I love being okay.

Season 2

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