The Ripley Family is a family that consists of Cyd's Parents, who are unknown, Cyd Ripley, and the family dog Diesel. Cyd and Diesel currently live in Portland, Oregon, while Mr. And Mrs. Ripley are in Peru as they are archaeologists.


A Time To Say Thank You

•Cyd reveals that she isn't very close with her parents. She proves this when she decided to spend the three years away from her parents to live with the Marcus family.

•Girls Of Christmas Past

•Cyd has no problem lying to Mr. Marcus telling him her parents forgot her and went to New York. The fact she came up with the lie so easily, could possibly be because her parents have forgotten about her in the past, and she is trying to accept it.

•Diesel Lost In Time

•She reveals that even when her parents were athome they would be working all the time, so it was just her and her dog, Diesel.

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