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Honestly, if you tried to eat anybody else, I would have been jealous.
—Shelby to Cyd, Night of the Were-Diesel

Shelby and Cyd or Cydby is the sensual relationship between Shelby and Cyd in Best Friends Whenever. They are currently detectives and act like sisters. They have the power to time travel and conquer the best day of their lives, I guess? Bret lives in Chet and Chet lives in Bret because her parents have been digging in ancient Egypt for three years, to prove that the Jews weren't enslaved to build the pyramids but we're actually hard working Americans.

To see the cast pairing, see Laundry & Detergent.


Season 1

A Time to Travel to time

  • Shelby woke Cyd up while kissing her sensually.
  • Shelby was excited that Cyd has been living with her for the rest of her life.
  • Cyd corrects Shelby and says that they can only kiss her until her parents get back.
  • They gained the power to see each other naked.
  • Cyd felt bad that Cameron asked her to the dance instead of Shelby.
  • Shelby questions why Cyd won't stop running her mouth and kiss her.
  • In alternative future, Bret and Chet hadn't talked to each other for two years after they walked in on Cyd and Shelby.

A Time to Cheat

  • Shelby implies that she pulled out some of Cyd's hair while she was sleeping, to use on the cover of their study buddy binder.
  • Cyd convinced Shelby that having a version of the test is like a study guide.
  • Cyd was worried about Shelby.

A Time to Say Thank You

  • Cyd wanted to be able to say thank you to Shelby's parents.
  • Shelby made a burrito of her family to make Cyd feel better.

A Time to Jump and Jam

  • Shelby prevented Cyd to go to Jen's party since she thinks that Jen is a bad influence.

A Time to Rob and Slam

  • Cyd gives Shelby training to slam back at The Rob.

Diesel Gets Lost In Time

  • They travel back in time to rescue Diesel after he accidentally ate Barry's time travel chip and got lost in time.
  • Shelby feels guilty after she accidentally scared Diesel away when he ruined her video chat which caused him to leave in the first place.

Derby Little Secret

  • Shelby wrote her "woman who inspires me most" essay about Cyd.

Night of the Were-Diesel

  • Cyd risks herself to protect Shelby from Were-Diesel and ends up becoming a werewolf herself.
  • Shelby bravely talks to Were-Cyd and because of their connection, she is able to turn Cyd from werewolf to human. Shelby is confident that werewolf Cyd would not eat her. When Cyd looks into Shelby's eyes, she gets the confidence to fight the wolf inside.

Cydby Romantic Moments

Cyd and Shelby's relationship sometimes comes off as romantic

  • They held hand in the theme song when they walked through the gears.
  • Shelby gives Cyd a wedding speech in which she compares herself to Cyd's future groom, Channing Tatum. She says they're perfect for each other. - A Time to Travel
  • Shelby says she loves the feeling of Cyd's dead weight in her arms. - A Time to Travel
  • They're unable to study because they can't stop touching each other and time traveling. They claim that they're doing it because they're best friends. - A Time to Cheat.
  • They want to go to the same college; start the Cyd and Shelby Incorporated company together. - A Time to Cheat
  • Shelby wants to be grandmas together. - A Time to Cheat
  • Shelby made a Happily Ever After binder for her and Shelby.- A Time to Cheat.
  • Cyd keeps touching Shelby in order to force her to time travel to the past. Shelby admits that she kept Cyd away from Jen because she wanted Cyd all to herself. - A Time to Jump and Jam
  • Cyd says that Shy Tim that he should be with his girlfriend, just like how Cyd should be with Shelby. This implies that she thinks of Shelby as her girlfriend. - A Time To Rob And Slam
  • They call the moment they became friends in kindergarten the "magic moment" in When Shelby Met Cyd.
  • They call each other "girlfriend" when texting as seen in Janet's fake texts. Cyd reacts by saying "classic Shelbs" meaning that it's normal for them to call each other girlfriend. - Cyd and Shelby Strike Back.
  • Shelby gave Cyd boxing gloves with mistletoe, saying "Kiss my Fist" for Christmas. Cyd's gift to Shelby is a very romantic sounding book about how much their relationship means to her. - The Girls of Christmas Past.
  • Cyd jumped into Shelby's bed at night. - The Girls of Christmas Past
  • They switch boyfriends in A Time to Double Date.
  • They have "BETTER TOGETHER" necklaces. - A Time to Double Date.
  • Shelby dumps her boyfriend for Cyd because Cyd was jealous. - Fight the Future: Part 2.
  • In Worst Night Whenever, when they go back to the 6th grade dance Shelby is stuck in the closet and when she finally comes out of the closet, she dances with Cyd on the dance-floor without caring what other people think.
  • Shelby admits to staring at Cyd when she sleeps on the massage chair, and describes her as having the cheekbones of a model and the chin of a anchorman. - Epic Girl's Day
  • When Shelby thought Were-Cyd knocked her down to eat her in the maze, Shelby says she hopes Cyd finds her delicious. Later on, Shelby tells Cyd that she would have been jealous if Cyd ate someone else instead of her - Night of the Were-Diesel
  • In the same episode, Shelby implies that she scratches Cyd's belly to sleep.
  • Shelby mentions she photoshopped a picture of a baby with Cyd's hair and Shelby's hair and named her Emma. Possibly suggesting she wants to know how their kids would look like. - It's Not Ye, It's Me
  • When Naldo asks Cyd what Shelby would say about rappelling without helmets, Cyd says that Shelby would say they should wear helmets and that Cyd's beautiful hair smells really good. - Revenge of the Past

Similarities & Differences

Cydby 2


  • They are both in high school.
  • They go to the same school.
  • They both have the power to time travel.
  • Neither of them can time travel without the other.
  • They both don't know how to control their powers.
  • They are both friends with Barry and Naldo.
  • They both like Liv Rooney and Austin Moon.
  • They both like when women are strong and independent.


  • Shelby has blonde hair; Cyd has dark brown.
  • Shelby has two siblings; Cyd (possibly) has none.
  • Shelby has a close family; Cyd does not.
  • Shelby has blue eyes. Cyd has brown eyes.
  • Shelby is the good girl who likes to keep it safe. Cyd is the bad girl who likes to get in trouble.
  • Shelby is bit girly. Cyd is a tomboy.
  • Shelby has no pets. Cyd has a dog.
  • Shelby dislikes Spark Dynamo; Cyd loves it.
  • Shelby wears makeup; Cyd thinks it's too much work.
  • Shelby doesn't hurt anyone; Cyd has punched lots of people.
  • Shelby loves making stuff, Cyd loves getting stuff.


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Fan Fiction


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A Time to Travel

Cyd: Hey, maybe that's how it works! We think of a time and we travel there.
Shelby: So, if we wanna go back we just have to think back to before!
Cyd: Nope.
Shelby: Back to before!
Cyd: Uh uh.
Shelby: Back to before!
Cyd: Still here...

Shelby: Time travel is so hard!

Shelby: If we're here, where's the future us who haven't talked in two years?
Cyd: I think we are future us!
Shelby: This must be how we look to everyone.
Cyd: When we time travel, we enter our bodies from that time.

Shelby: This is a disaster! Why didn't you stop me from getting bangs?


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