Season 1

A Time to Travel

This is a disaster! Why didn't you stop me from getting bangs?

Wake Up! Wake Up! WAKE UP!

Oh No!

Dang it!

Why did I smell that?!

I think that's how it works. We think of a time and travel there.

I'm sorry

Channing Tatum is great and his peace will always be in us.

A Time to Cheat

Keep with us!

Bump me!

There's still plenty to go...

I'm okay.


We stole a test from the future!

Come on let's study studybudy!

We need to go to the same college, marry best friends, have kids, make the kids marry and be grandmas together.

Yah, we are...

A Time to Say Thank You

This big "Thank You" is really coming together.

We've got flaming jugglers, flaming hoops, flaming guitars and waffles.

Sometimes, fire bad.

A Time to Jump and Jam

Maybe, our powers broken.

A Time to Rob and Slam

Teach me everything you know.

The Butterscotch Effect

He's totally gonna do it.

Maybe, you should get a new car.

Of course I know what it is, but maybe you could just explain it in simple, easy to understand language for the sake of anyone who may not know.

Just let him explain it.

Shake Your Booty (episode)

I can't wait to see what Mr. Canavan thinks of my essay on emoticons.

Jump to the Future Lab

It's all over his lab.

Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape

I feel really good about us picking out each others Halloween costumes this year.

When Shelby Met Cyd

Ow! Those blocks are not soft.

Cyd and Shelby Strike Back

Marci, you like Barry.

The Girls of Christmas Past

No, I think he's just wearing the pelt of his latest victim.

Great job guys, only 8 more boxes of ornaments to put on.

A Time to Double Date

Hey Cyd, you ready to go to the craft fair?

Jump to the '50's

What are you guys talking about? I'm only using 1 hand.

Diesel Gets Lost in Time

Sometimes, you don't realize how special someone is until you lose them.

And we're not gonna let you lose Marci.

Fight the Future - Part 1

I thought he was our friend.

Fight the Future - Part 2

And to keep us all from getting frozen like Popsicles.

Fight the Future - Part 3

Janet, please!

You have to let Barry and Naldo go.

Season 2