The West Portland Promenade is the local mall frequented by the Marcus, Ripley, Eisenberg and Montoya families.

Known Businesses

  • Urban Bro
  • Kiss and Makeup
  • rumorz by D'Andre
  • Keepin' It Wheel
  • Wild Wild Vest
  • Game Hole
  • Lil' Mister Cool Pants
  • Smoothie Shop
  • Fudgie Town (kiosk)
  • Naldo's Cousin's Kiosk (Naldo-Tees for a day)
  • Hat'II Do (kiosk)
  • Candles Candles Candles (kiosk)
  • Valet Auto Spa

Entertainment Options

  • Mini (trackless) Mall Train Express
  • Massage Chairs
  • Photo Booth
  • The Adopt Stop
  • Groove City Dance Videogame Machine



  • First mentioned in A Time to Cheat.
  • First appeared in Epic Girl's Day.
  • As depicted in Derby Little Secret,  it occasionally hosts after hours underground Roller Derby matches.
  • Shelby once gave mouth-to-snout resuscitation to a potbellied pig, named Piggie Smalls, there, and as a result, the grateful owner Larry, always gives Shelby two free smoothies from his shop every time she visits..
  • Dennis is a security guard there.
  • Cyd and Naldo watched a Chainsaw Carving demonstration in The Friendship Code.
  • The gang all attended the Battle of the Boy Bands Concert in The Lying Game.
  • Shelby once applied for jobs in every business in the mall, but was rejected by all of them in Working Nine to Fudge.
  • Cyd and Shelby briefly worked at the Fudgie Town kiosk.


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