By the pover of time travelling, Cyd and Shelby can go back and forward in time, both in or out their timeline. When they travel in their lifetime, they get into their bodies of that time, while when they get out of their lifetime, they stay with the same bodies that had before the jump.

The girls have been going also out of their timeline since the episode "Shake Your Booty", and when they do tachyons with their shapes form.



Out of their lifetime

  • 1522: This is the year Daisy lives in and is prison, and Cyd and Shelby accidentally travel there by hugging. Then they get back to this time to break off Daisy and Sebastian's marriage. Shellby is accidentally transported to this time when she falls through the time rift trying to save Daisy, she is saved by Cyd, Naldo, and Barry who open the rift. They return and think everything is fine but it is revealed that Sebastian followed them to the present, to save her friends Daisy goes back to the past with Sebastian and agrees to marry him, while reciting her vows she arrests Sebastian for treason and haves hol thrown in the dungeon.
  • 1958: Cyd and Shelby accidentally changed the life of Shelby's grandma and almost erased Shelby from existence.
  • 1978: Cyd and Shelby travel out of their lifetime for the first time, and almost lose each-other for joining to disco/punk battle, It is rebaked that separating to long will cause them to forget each other.
  • 1991: Janet comes up with the idea of wireless technology after being shocked by her desk lamp. (Cyd and Shelby Strike Back)

In their lifetime

2015: ex present year (Season 1)





  • It's curious to notice that in season 1, the gang is in 9th grade being 15, but as said in A Time to Jump and Jam, Barry was 12 in 7th grade, when should have been 13, and the girls were 13; but as said in When Shelby Met Cyd, the girls were 9 in 4th grade, and 5 in kindergarten, when should have been respectively 10 and 6.

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